Wine producer: Xavier Braujou, la Terrasse d’Elise  (Hérault, Languedoc)

Wine producer: Xavier Braujou, la Terrasse d’Elise (Hérault, Languedoc)

Thursday April 15th, 2010 0 By Marion

Map Domaine La Terrasse d'EliseXavier Braujou started his life as a woodcutter. He loved the hours spent alone in the forest, in direct contact with nature. But his real passion was wine. That is the reason why he started to buy some vineyards in Saint Jean de Fos, in the Languedoc, in 1998. After a few years practicing both activities (wine and wood), Xavier decided to work 100% in the vineyards.

I met Xavier for the first time in February this year. I was very impressed by his viticulture knowledge. After only 10 years, he understands every signle bit of his terroirs. His knowledge was not acquired in scientific books but by spending hours and hours in the vineyards observing, analyzing and trying to understand his soils, climate and vines. Xavier’s specialty is to blend terroirs from a same grape variety rather than different grape varieties. His mono-varietal wines, except the Elise cuvée, do not comply with the local quality appellation (AOC Coteaux du Languedoc), that is the reason why he produces “vin de pays”.

Despite the fact that now his wines sell on France’s and London best tables, Xavier has kept all his humility. He likes to say that he cannot write three words without doing a spelling mistake. But when it comes to making wine, Xavier is really a genius.

Xavier’s wines

Mas de Blanc

100% Merlot
Yield: 25 hl/ha
One year in oak barrel

Le Pigeonnier

100% Carignan
Yield: 25 hl/ha
One year in oak barrel

Le Pradel

100% Cinsault
Yield: 20 hl/ha
One year in oak barrel
This wine is clearly my favourite of all of Xavier’s cuvées. Each time I put my nose in a glass of Pradel, I just feel like being on my grand mummy’s terrace in Aniane with th scents of geranium and roses. The tannins are just as soft as silk. A very feminine wine. I am a great fan of this one!


70% Syrah, 30% Mourvèdre
Yield: 15-20 hl/ha
2 years in oak barrel