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Tuesday October 15th, 2019 0

Sunrise Tellin Risotto

By Marion

Print Recipe Sunrise Tellin Risotto Tellins are little seashells that are very common on the Mediterranean coast, especially near Sète…

Wednesday October 2nd, 2019 0

Spanish seafood rice

By Marion

Print Recipe Spanish seafood rice A recipe that reminds us of paëlla, though quicker and easier to make. Prep Time10…

Friday August 9th, 2019 0

Tuna & Zucchini tart

By Marion

Print Recipe Tuna & Zucchini tart A recipe that is perfect in the summer, served warm or cold. Prep Time30…

Sunday July 7th, 2019 0

Tuna tabbouleh

By Marion

Print Recipe Tuna tabbouleh A different style of tabbouleh! Prep Time20 minsResting time30 minsTotal Time50 mins Course: SaladeCuisine: Méditéranéenne Servings:…