Basque inspiration: Ravioli flowers with chorizo & sweet peppers

Basque inspiration: Ravioli flowers with chorizo & sweet peppers

Monday August 18th, 2014 0 By Marion

A very pretty dish, perfect for the summer season, with some Basque country notes !

For the ravioli, Please refer to my post dedicated to how to make fresh pasta at home. You will need half the quantities to make this recipe. Otherwise, you can buy some ready made pasta sheets in an Italian or Asian grocery store. But this is cheating, isn’t it ? 😉


Serves 4

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Nutrition facts, per serving.

How to…

  • I recommend starting this recipe the day before, in order to give the pasta dough enough time to get some strength.
  • Cook the sweet peppers in the grill oven, rolled in aluminium foil, for one hour. Leave on the side to cool down. Then take the skin and seeds of and puree using a blender. Season with salt and Espelette pepper.
  • Peel off the chorizo and dice into very small bits (brunoise) or puree with a blender.
  • Using a flower shaped cookie cutter, cut your ravioli in the rolled pasta dough.
  • Put a small quantity of chorizo in the center of a flower, then cover with another flower and seal both sides with a little bit of water. Make sure not to put too much chorizo and to release any air that might be in the ravioli, oterwise they might break when you will cook them.
  • Bring a large quantity of saletd water to the boil. Cook the ravioli “al dente”, 3 or 4 minutes maximum.
  • Serve the ravioli with the warm sweet pepper cream. Decorate with some olibes and basil.