4 regles or accords mets vins 4 golden rules food wine matching

The 4 golden rules of Food & Wine matching

Please find below the 4 golden rules for Food & Wine matching. It is a very simplistic approach, but it works in most cases.


Matching the colour of a dish to the colour of a wine works in 50% cases. For example, a bull’s casserole (“daube”), will match a string-coloured wine such as a Gigondas. Other example: a veal blanquette de veau will work very well with a full-bodied white wine such as Meursault.


We all know that in most cases local wines work with local food. For example a French goat’s cheese from the loire called “crottin de Chavignol” works great with a Sancerre. Another classic: Choucroute and Alsatian riesling.
Matching local food and local wines work in 80% cases.


The last two rules require more tasting experience, but allow for some more original and adventurous matchings.
A string meal witll require a strong wine. For example a spicy curry will work with a spicy red from the Rhône.


By “finesse” we mean the “sophisticated”. Sophisticated food ingredients require sophisticated wines. For example truffle-based dishes will work with a delicated red burgundy.
4 regles or accords mets vins 4 golden rules food wine matching



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