Portrait of a wine producer: Jean Charles Abbatucci, Corsica

Portrait of a wine producer: Jean Charles Abbatucci, Corsica

Tuesday June 8th, 2010 0 By Marion

The first time I met Jean Charles Abbatucci was 5 years ago, when I was travelling France to visit farmers for an educational project called “agricultures de France”. At that time, producing biodynamic wine was seen as something bizarre, a sort of sectarian practice used by a few freakish wine producers…

Whether it is a matter of pure chance or destiny, I do not know, but I was about to meet Jean-Charles again a lot of times when I started my new job at Dynamic Vines in January 2010. Why? Because Dynamic Vines’ Corsican wine producer is… Jean-Charles Abbatucci!

Working with Jean-Charles’ wines has given me the opportunity to get to know him better. He is a fascinating man. First because of his personnality: he is ambitious, passionate and really aware that his land is a nature’s jewel to preserve. Fascinating also because of his history. As a matter of fact, two of Jean-Charles’ ancestors were famous generals during the Napoleonian Empire. That is the reason why his two top cuvée are called “Jean-Charles Abbatucci, général de la révolution” and “Don-Jacques-Pascal Abbatucci, Diplomate d’Empire”.

Corsican wines are not very well known in the world. They do not easily reach the export markets, most of them never go any further than France. It is a real shame because these wines are really unique. You can find on this Island (referred to as the “beauty island” in France…) unique grape vaieties and very diverse pedo-climatic conditions. /p>

Jean-Charles’ wines really express the best of their terroir. The domaine is located in the little town of Casalabriva near Ajaccio. The wines show a lot of finesse and have notes of juniper, laurel, rosemary… all those highly scented shrubs that you can find in the Corsican “maquis”. Jean-Charles’ main cuvée, called “Faustine” since the birth of his daughter, is made with the island’s traditional grape varieties: Vermentino, Sciacarellu and Niellucciu. His 2 top cuvées are made with very rare grape varieties (I am sure you have never heard of them): Montanaccia, Carcajolo-Nera, Morescono, Morescola, Carcajolo Bianco, Pagadebbiti, Rossola Bianca, etc.


Domaine Abbatucci geographical localisation

Jean-Charles Abbatucci, général de la révolution

Jean-Charles’ wines

Ajaccio Faustine White
100% Vermentino
Cuvée Collection
“Général de La Révolution”
15% Biancone, 17% Carcajolo Bianco, 28% Pagadebbiti, 14% Rossola Bianca, 5% Vermentino.
Cuvée Collection
“Le Diplomate d’Empire”
12% Bianco Gentille, 12% Brustiano, 12% Genovese, 24% Rossola Bianca, 40% Vermentino.

Ajaccio Faustine Rosé
Barbarossa, Sciaccarellu

Ajaccio Faustine Red
Sciaccarellu, Nielluciu
Cuvée Collection
“Ministre Impérial”
18% Nielluciu, 22% Sciaccarellu, 13% Montanaccia, 13% Carcajolo-Nera, 12% Aleatico, 12% Morescono, 12% Morescola.