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Rice pudding à l’impératrice with gariguettes strawberries

I discovered this recipe in the Michelin star restaurant The Yorke Arms where the talented chef Francis Atkins was revisiting some recipes of the XIXth century. The history behind this recipe is that Eugénie, who was the Empress of France between 1853 and 1870, had this dessert created for her by her chef. The recipe for Riz à l’impératrice is traditionnallyrice pudding mixed with whipped cream, custard, candied fruit and gooseberry gelly. The texture is much lighter and smoother than a classic rice pudding.

Preparation: 1h15
Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients (serves 4)

Rice pudding:

– 75 g round rice
– 35 g candied fruit
– 20 g gooseberry gelly
– 35 cl milk
– 3 pieces og gelatine paper
– 2 cl kirsch
– 1/2 vanilla pod


– 10 cl cream
– 15 cl milk
– 1/2 vanilla pod
– 2 eggs
– 40 g caster sugar
– Decoration: 10 gariguettes strawberries.


Rice pudding

– Preheat the oven 180°C (th. 6).
– Using cold water, rince the rice thoroughly. Put it in a saucepan full of cold water and bring to the boil. Take off and drain after 1 minute.
– Pour milk in a saucepan. Add the vanilla seeds and vanilla pod. Bring to the boil. Take off the vanilla pod ans add rice. Stir gently, then move to an oven-proof dish. Cook for 20 – 25 minutes.
– Macerate the candied fruits with kirsch approx. 5 minutes.
Soak the gelatin in cold water.


– Place the cream in a large alad bowl. Place in the fridge together with your blender.
– Pour the milk in a saucepan. Add the vanilla seeds and vanilla pod. Bring to the boil. Remove the vanlla pod.
– Separate the egg yolks from the white.
– Mix the egg yolks with sugar sugar until white.
– Gently add milk, stirring permanently.
– Place on the hob on a low heat. Remove after a few minutes when custard has reached the right texture. Wring out the gelatin. Add to custard, mix well, then pour in a salad bowl and let cool down.
– Gently heat the gooseberry gelly in order to liquify it. Spread at the bottom of one large of four small ramekins. Place in the fridge.
– Using your cold blender, whip the cold cream.

– When the rice is cooked, place it in a sald bowl and place in icing water to cool down.
– Mix rice with custard. Add the candied fruit. Incorporate the whipped cream delicately.
– Pour in the ramekins. Leave in the fridge four at least two hours.
– To serve gently place the ramekins in lukewarm water, remove the rice from the ramekins and serve on a plate. Decorate with some strawberries cut in halves.


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