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Christine Deleuze, Clos Bagatelle (Saint Chinian, Languedoc)🍷🍇🐕

It is funny as I have kown the wines of Clos Bagatelle for many years. When I was a studet I used to work every summer as a waitress with Cathy and Pieter at restaurant Château de Lunas. Clos Bagatelle was the wine I used to sell the most. Great price point, consistent quality, accessible wine with an elegant packaging, not too confusing, in a nutshell, everything great!

20 years after, Clos Bagatelle crosses my path again

20 years after, my life path crosses Clos Bagatelle again. I knew the wines, now I got to know the people behind them, esecially Christine. Christine, a joyful and optimistic woman, with a very delicate taste, just like her wines. If you get a chance to visit Clos Bagatelle, you will also meet her lovely dog, always with her. Dogs are extremely important et Clos Bagatelle and have always been part of the story. Her children, who are now students, want to take over.

A thourough knowledg of terroirs

Each wine is made from a single vineyard to take advantages of the 4 different terroirs on the 60 hectaes of the property. This is very well explained in a study you can download on their website (in French, sorry!). I highly recommend you try these wines full of authenticy and happiness!


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