If you have never heard of the Médoc marathon, then you must imagine a classic marathon with 10,000 folks wearing some crazy costumes running and drinking wine… More than 30 châteaux, 50 music bands, 23 wine tastings plus some delicacies such as oysters, foie gras, entrecôte… Yes it is unique in the world, soooo French and so much worth a try 🙂 I have ran it every year since 2012. So please follow these few tips if you would like to give it a try too.


dossard de Marion Barral pour le marathon du Médoc 2013The Médoc marathon is very popular all over the World! In 2014, for the 30th edition, registration requests exceeded 40,000 for only 10,000 spaces available… Japanese, German, British, Australian, Canadian… People from all over the world want to experience this unique race. Make sure to register directly on the Médoc marathon website as soon as registrations open, usually early March. Bids are given on a first arrived / first served basis. Registration costs around 90€ and all you will need is a scanned copy of medical certificate saying that you can run a marathon. No need to proof that you have ran a marathon before in less than 4 hours or anything like that…  I like to say that the Médoc marathon is the marathon for non marathoners 🙂



There are only 2 hotels in Pauillac and they are always sold out for the marathon. Try to look a bit further, between Bordeaux and Pauillac, in places such as Eysines (Hôtel Première Classe, Kyriad and Formule 1 are of very good value, under 100€/night) or Le Pian Médoc (Golf du Médoc Resort, outstanding service and location for less than 150€/night – I have used it three years in a row).


For those who do not need much sleep before a race, you can try the camping Les Gabarreys in Pauillac. But be aware that the Médoc marathon is a festive marathon so there will be a lot going on in the streets of Pauillac at night 🙂 A bit further there is also or Camping Cap Océan in Carcans, which we used last year (we rented two mobilhomes and booked them in March, right after having received our registrations confirmations).


Last but not least, AirBnB offers plenty of options. This is great if you come with a group of friends. You will find many places 30 minutes drive from Pauillac. But there again, make sure to book as soon as you registration is confirmed (pls see above). I recommend staying two nights (Friday through Sunday) to experience the full “marathon feast”. There are lots of events surrounding the marathon (see below) so it might be a shame to miss them, especially if you come with some supporters that will not run with you.

Should I use a Travel Agent?

If you run as a team, at least more than 6 or 7, then it might be easier for you to use a travel agent. This will guarantee everyone in your team gets accomodation and bids for the race. The official travel agent for the Médoc marathon is Tutti Quanti. It is a much more expensive than organising everything yourself but if you are a large group, this will make things much easier. I have used them once and they have been very professionnal and helpful.


village gourmand marathon du médocThere are two big pasta dinners hosted by a château: The “millepâtes” dinner and the “pâteacaisses” dinner. They are both quite pricey for pasta (>40€) but they take place in some beautiful chateaux and all you can drink… is wine! If you want to cook your own pasta, there is a small supermarket in Pauillac, Carrefour Market, where to buy your carbs. The day after, you can enjoy some of the numerous food booths that stay all weekend long in Pauillac, serving wine, oysters, sandwhiches, fries… They are much cheaper and YES! After a marathon you deserve this all 🙂

Car & Parking

You will not need to rent a car if you are staying in a hotel as most of them offer a shuttle service during all the week-end. If you want more freedom to do some tourism and/or are not staying in a hotel, then you will need a car.

To find a good parking spot the morning of the race, make sure to arrive in Pauillac no later than 8am, before roads close at the entrance of Pauillac. I personally park near the supermarket and always find some space.


déguisement marathon du médocThis is written in the settlement! You cannot run the race if you are not wearing a costume! Some teams even push a carnival float! If you are running with some friends, try to find a team costume. There is a theme every year. Past themes include carnival, science fiction, civilizations and animals. Be as creative as you can, thinking of a few elements you can drop after 10 or 15 km to keep running.

Wine tastings

dégustation de vin au marathon du MédocWhat makes the Médoc marathon so unique is that, in addition to the classic refuelling stations, there are some wine tastings. Yes, this is the most festive marathon on earth, and it is also known as the “world’s longest marathon” because even if it is the classic 26 miles, it takes longer to run them 🙂 I recommend waiting to reach the 35th kilometer to start tasting (sensibly!), always drinking some water afterwards. This is what I do, and it works pretty well 🙂


Beware, the Médoc marathon takes place on the 2nd Saturday of September, and it is usually very hot (>30°C). Make sure to wear an appropriate costume (Sponge Bob & Winnie might not be the best option…) and drink lots of water… Not only wine!


supporters marathonYou can take with you as many supporters as you want, they will never get bored looking at this giant carnival! There is a route dedicated to supporters walking or cycling, allowing them to see runners at different spots. You can find here the example for the 2014 Marathon. During the race and after, there are lots of animations in Pauillac (games, shows, etc.).  The day after the race there is a nice 10km walk in several châteaux with wine tastings and music bands. This costs only 5€ with no need to register in advance. This allows supporters to experience a little bit of what runners have seen the day before.

équipe des gaulois au Marathon du MédocTeam

The more, the better! It will not be difficult for you to motivate a few friends to join this crazy marathon. And this will make it more fun to think of your costume together.

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  1. Thank you for the informative blog.
    I have one question… Is registration for the Médoc Marathon on a first come first served basis? If I register online in February, would I be guaranteed entry?

    1. Hi Gareth. Thank you for your message. Yes registrations are on a first come first served basis. Therefore what I recommended is that you log on to the website every day from February 15th and register the first day registrations open. This has always worked for me (4 years in a row). And I guarantee you will have A FANTASTIC TIME!

  2. Bonsoir Marion,

    This article has been the most informative piece I’ve found on the Marathon Du Medoc. Myself and my wife are training (running, not just drinking wine) to talk part this year. We have our hearts set on doing the run and the walk on the Sunday, the package prices are very expensive compared to booking it ourselves but there is the fear of not being able to get a race number! Should we over pay the travel companies to be guarantied a place or book it all ourselves? Thank you.

    1. Bonsoir Charles, and thank you for your message and compliments on my blog post 🙂 I agree with you, using a travel company is very expensive and they offer you a very limited choice in terms of accomodation. It is worth using them if you run as a team and want to make sure everyone gets a bid. I will actually update my blog post mentionning this. This is what I did two years ago. The three other times I have run the médoc what I have done is checking the website every day from February 20th, and register as soon as it opens. And this has always worked for me and my friends. This should not be a problem for you either. And as sson as I have registered, I book my accomodation, either usinga hotel, AirBnB or camping. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. And I guarantee you will have a WONDERFUL TIME! Cheers!

  3. My wife and I signed up today. We just knocked down a nice cabernet from California. Should we drink a bottle every day? Should we switch to drinking only wines from France? I had no idea we would have to train so hard for a marathon. The choices! Cabernets…Merlots…Reislings…Bordeaux..! I was told I needed new tennis shoes. What for? I don’t play tennis.

    1. Hi Tim. great news, you will love it! I love your sens of humour, the Médoc marathon is just perfect for you… I think training on Napa Cab Sauv is a good option as an alternative to Bordeaux, which you will be able to enjoy during 42 k! I hope I get a chance to meet you both in Pauillac. Have you alreday thought about your costumes?

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