Japan 2013

Japan 2013

Saturday April 6th, 2013 0 By Marion

carnet de voyage japonI went to Japan for the first time this year. I absolutely loved it. To my eyes, Japanese people are a model of refinment and savoir vivre.


More than 13 million people live in Tokyo, which makes it the most populated city on earth. And I can tell you, when you see how clean and organied the city is, you would not imagine that.

Japanese food

Two words: healthy and fresh! But don’t be afraid of eating raw stuff though…

Some local curiosities…

From the ultra tech toilets to the super modern express train.

Japanese cat bar

This is a pure Japanese invention! Japanese people love cats. But in Tokyo, in most cases they cannot have any because they live in tiny flats. To compensate this, they can spend an houror two in a cat bar!