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[ENGLISH] My name is Marion Barral and I am passionate about food, wine, sports and photography. Originating from a wine-growing family in the Languedoc (South of France), I studied Agronomic Science in Paris (AgroParisTech). After having worked in the wine trade in the UK, I now travel the world selling wines from the South of France. This allows me to come back to my roots while giving me the opportunity to discover other countries, cultures and languages. This is something I try to share with you in my blog :-) [FRANCAIS]Je m’appelle Marion Barral et je suis passionnée par le vin, l’alimentation, le sport et la photo. Je suis fille de vigneron dans le Languedoc et ingénieur agronome (AgroParisTech). Après avoir travaillé dans le secteur du vin au Royaume-Uni, je parcours le monde pour vendre du vin du sud de la France. En plus d’un retour aux sources, cela me permet de découvrir d’autres pays, langues et cultures. C’est ce que j’essaie de vous faire partager dans mon blog :-)
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Twelfth Night Bread

By Marion

Twelfth Night (Epiphanie) concludes the Christmas holidays and is traditionally celebrated with a big party closing the season.  At the…

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Muscat de Frontignan

By Marion

Where does it come from? This wine is produced in the village where I go each and every summer: Frontignan.…

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Polenta tartlets

By Marion

The advantage of this recipe is that the dough, made of polenta, doesn’t need any fat, in opposition to classic…

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Home-made fresh pasta

By Marion

Ingredients Serves 4 For plain white pasta 100g wheat flour 100g durum wheat flour 2 eggs For green pasta 1 egg…