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How to explain complex scientific issues related to food?

Example of this interactive display that I created at Céréopa with Pr. Olivier Lapierre, where people must pedal in order to be aware of the amount of fossil energy that is required to produce only one yoghurt.

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Which tools can be used to communicate with a differentiated public at the same time?

Example of this game that I createdat the Céréopa. It underlines the antagonist consequences that can sometimes result from our food choices based upon nutritional and environmental factors (greenhouse gases in this case). I created three versions/variants of the game: board game, giant version and playing cards. It was used by the Casino grocery stores for schools, by the Terrena Coop for their "Terrenales" days, by the French Ademe (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), by AgroParisTech (France's leading University in Food Science) during 7 years at the salon de l'agriculture (Paris International Farming Fair) and by several schools and organisations.

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