Vietnam 2013


These are the photos of my trip to Vietnam this year. I fell in love with South-East Asia in 2004, when I lived there during four months for my Agro internship. I had not returned since. Vietnam is, just like Cambodia, a beautiful country that faced some terrible challenges in recent history. I highly recommend to visit this country. Each one of you will come back with a more peaceful appoach to life.

Motor-bike city

Ho Chi Minh is known as the “motor bike city”. Why? Because it is “populated” by more than 3 million motorbikes for a population of 6,6 milion!

Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food is a real delight. Similar in style to Thaï food but much less spicy. The basic ingredients are rice, dried fish, condiments such a soy sauce, pickled onions and fried garlic.
Nowadays you can enjoy Saigon’s amazing street food without worrying about spending the next 24 hours stuck in your toilets… Things have really improved on this side. And if you are really worried about this just eat plenty of chilly and garlic and this will keep your stomach safe…

Rubber plantations

Water Puppet Show

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels is a very long (almost 200 km) network of underground tunnels that were buit during the war. Soldiers would live in the tunnels, cooking, sleeping, and even making their own clothes and shoes. If you are clostrophobic, you should avoid this…

War Museum

I will let each one of you judge…

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