Vendémian, my childhood village

I was born and raised in a small village called “Vendémian”, in the South of France (Languedoc). The name actually comes from the old French calendar “Vendémiaire”, which was the month of the grape harvest. All the past and history of Vendémian is related to viticulture. My father and my grand father kept telling when I was a little girl:  « a Vendemian, vendemian tot l’an e creban de fan » (In Vendémian we harvest all year round but we still starve). We all know that winegrowers tend to exagerate, and in addition to that no agronomic miracle made it possible to “harvest all year-round”. However, it is true that the history of Vendémian is characterized by the numerous viticulture crisis in the Languedoc. Today the wines of the region have changed their image and there is a real renewal in the area, but the coop in Vendémian has not survived this revolution and has shut down…

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