brown leaves on a tree in fall in Vancouver

I travel to Canada once a year and my favourite city in this beautiful country is Vancouver. I got a chance to see Vancouver in spring, winter, and this time in fall. I never get bored of it…

photo of VANCOUVER city

As every year I went to Vancouver, which is probably my favourite city in North Amerca together with San Francisco. The air is pure and the atmosphere relaxing. In Vancouver wildlife is everywhere…I just had in my bag my Canon EOS 6D + 50 mm lens + CPL polaroïd filter. No tripod.

Trees in Grouse Mountain

Vancouver is probably my favourite city in the world after Rio de Janeiro.Sea, mountains and nature. Everything is there. And the Canadians are adorable people… Grouse Mountain & Whistler Capilano Bridge and the temperate forest Whistler Granville Island Market