Photos of Shanghaï – March 2014

The photos of Sgnaghaï that I took during my last trip there. I took my three lenses (wide angle, macro and 50mm), a bit heavy but I do not regret it!

The Bund

Street Life

By night

Growers’ market

I am always fascinated by growers’ markets in Chna. You can really find the best and the worse…

Chinese food

Chinese food is all about balance : colours, shapes, taste (sweet, savoury, bitter, sour, umami) and texture.

Fake or not fake ?

Chinese people are famous for counterfeiting almost everything. Sometimes fakes look very close to the original, but very often the final result is very funny. “Né Réal. Because you’re worth it”.

Shanghaï zoo

I wanted to see the pandas. Nice visit for many Shanghainese families but obviously animal welfare is not yet the priority of our Chinese friends…

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